Lifting-tube handling solutions

Vacuum Tube Lifters

Vacuum Tube lifters, are load manipulators that help operators with often painful or repetitive handling operations.
These lifting devices relieve the weight of the loads thanks to a control handle that controls a tube which retracts or extends by means of a vacuum generated by a vacuum generator. This technology is ideal in particular for all handling operations using suction cups.
These systems allow lifting and moving by hand quickly, precisely and without any effort for loads up to 300 kg.
This type of system is the most cost effective lifting solution available.

Safety is ensured by means of a gripping Factor of Safety of at least 2x the lifted weight, plus a non return valve to lock the vacuum into the system in the evet of a power failure. Raising and lowering is achieved by a 'motor cycle' type twist grip. Release is achieved by a positive two hand release button.

Speed of operation is not restricted in any way and is purely a function of the rate the operator can grip, raise, lower and release the load. This way maximum productivity can be achieved - in many cases as good or better than automation solutions.

Tube lifters give the best productivity, elimination of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and high standards of safety.

A wide variety of tools and gripping systems make this type of system ideal for almost any industrial manufacturing operation.

Check out the models below:

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ERGO Fast – Lifting Tube Manipulator designed to move loads with one hand while maintaining a steady pace. Ideal for palletizing boxes, crates, drums up to 30 kg…
  • Up to 30 kg
  • One-handed handling
  • Improved sequences


ERGO Plus – Solution for the Manual Handling of Loads by Lifting Tube. Thanks to an extended articulated arm as standard, ERGO Plus relieves operators of the risk of MSDs by making it possible to grab loads on the ground…
  • Loads less than 30 kg
  • Remote load handling
  • Maximum ergonomics


Manual Handling Assistance Device which reproduces the usual movements of operators at their workstations with two-handed handling. The maneuverability of the assembly is improved when the load is heavy and allows…
  • Up to 50 kg
  • Ideal for palletizing bags
  • Total elimination of hardship


Lifting Device for Assistance in Manual Handling of Loads up to 150 kg. Thanks to its elongated articulated control handle as standard, EASY Plus allows…
  • Lifting up to 150 kg
  • Low and high handling
  • Optimized ergonomics


Lifting Tube Handling Solution for loads up to 300 kg Master Fast allows comfortable and precise handling with two hands thanks to its rotating handle. The operator can manage very precisely the speed of raising…
  • Up to 300 kg
  • Precision in load lifting
  • Stabilization halfway up the load


The Solution for bulky loads: Lifting Tube Handling up to 300 kg Thanks to its extended arm, MASTER Plus is the ideal tool for quick and effortless lifting of heavy and / or bulky loads allowing and a remote deposit…
  • Panels and loads up to 300 kg
  • Comfortable lifting of bulky loads
  • Parking the load

MASTER Plus - Load Tilt Option

Designed for the ergonomic handling of panels, MASTER Plus with Tipper option is a Lifting Tube Handling Solution that can carry and tilt bulky loads up to 180 kg…
  • Panels up to 180 kg
  • 80 ° load tilt
  • Ideal for production sites

MASTER Plus - Articulated Arm Option

Lifting Tube Manipulator for heavy loads up to 250 kg Designed specifically to lift heavy and / or bulky loads to height, the MASTER Plus control handle with Articulated Arm option ensures excellent ergonomics during…
  • Weight up to 250 kg
  • Lifting loads from a distance or at a height
  • Ideal for bulky loads

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