Food loads

Food Load Handling

Load handling in the food industry covers a considerable variety of loads, with many special cases. Most often, quantities of raw materials are produced and then handled in order to be packaged in formats suitable for sale to individuals. In addition, companies in the food industry are subject to draconian health and safety constraints. Lifting lumps of butter, handling cheese wheels, lifting meat loaves or hams can become a painful and demanding activity in this context.

Manut-LM therefore develops ranges of handling products in materials compatible with food hygiene standards. Each Manut-LM product is adapted according to the customer’s needs, whether in terms of materials, the type of control handle or the gripping tool.

Consult our videos to discover the Manut-LM Lifting Tube Handling Solutions ideal for food loads and their containers.

Meatloaf and ham

Lifting meat loaves, or carrying out repetitive handling of whole hams can lead operators to MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders), pain but also to releasing loads. Meatloaves are often placed on uneven surfaces, and hams can be slippery.
In order to remedy the arduous work of operators, while increasing productivity and eliminating the risk of errors, Manut-LM offers ranges of products dedicated to this type of load. View our solutions and contact us to discover Manut-LM’s responses to your lifting constraints.

Handling lumps of butter

The lumps of butter before the packaging line can reach excessive weight for manual lifting. In addition, operations such as unpacking or lifting can be sources of accidents due to the smooth and slippery surface of the load which does not have a natural grip.
Thanks to Lifting Tube Handling Solutions, Manut-LM offers vacuum manipulators to lift lumps of butter easily, quickly and safely. Discover our solutions to maximize your productivity and the well-being of employees!

Handling of cheese wheels

Carrying cheese wheels has the same drawbacks as any food load: no grip, a smooth and potentially slippery surface. Manut-LM therefore designs tailor-made suction cup handling solutions for this type of load. Handling cheese wheels then becomes easy, allowing operators to maximize their productivity while avoiding the risks of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders), pain and occupational diseases. Consult our solutions: Manut-LM adapts to all types of loads!

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