Glass panels

Glass sheets and panels require delicate, precise and controlled handling.

The handling of windows, glass panels and frames is a complex operation because of the weight of the loads, their size and especially their fragility.

In order to ensure Operator Safety and at the same time provide maximum production efficiency we offer a complete range of glass panel handling solutions that guarantee total safety of the load pick-up and that it will not be damaged or scratched during the operation. 

Vacuum Lifters controlled by Hoist

The Barbaric Vacuum Lifters are equipped with vacuum cups attached to a head that can lift, tilt and rotate under power to provide ergonomic and safe  handling of glass panels. The range features a wide variety of product from single hand operated lift/clamp units ut to a full multi function unit with advanced automated safety features.

Barbaric lifters can be used for the handling of glass panels at the loading or unloading of the production line, handling between machine operations, or for the assembly of window/door frames.

Pneumatic Manipulators

The Famatec Pneumatic Manipulator features two ridgid arms mounted on a post. The arms anr servo contyrolled pneumatically balanced to perfectly balance whatever load is to be carried. The operator only needs to apply minimal force to move the product allowing them to position with accuracy and sensitivity. Optional powered tilt and rotate are available.

Available in standard load capacities of 75, 125, 250, 500 kg. and optional reach of 3, 4, 5, 6 Meters.

Aero clad tec

Aero Clad Tec is a gripping tool equipped with susction cups, it enables the safe handling of glass and panels without the risk of falling.
It works with batteries, so it does not need to be connected to the mains by a power cable. Aero Clad Tec can be used with a crane, a jib crane, an overhead crane or on a forklift truck.

Aero clad lift

Manut-LM proposes an ergonomic lifting solution for the handling and installation of glass panels. This handling tool is battery operated, it can therefore be used indoors as it does not emit any exhaust fumes.
The Clad-lift robot is a flexible robot with a telescopic arm allowing a continuous 360° vertical rotation of the piece and a 180° turnaround for horizontal lifting from the floor and horizontally drop on the ceiling.

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