Lifting trolleys and Stackers

Stackers and Handling Trolleys

Industrial handling stackers are mobile handling solutions that allow operators to handle heavy loads with ease. MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) result from the repetition of inappropriate gestures and postures when handling loads. The movement of these loads can also cause injuries, pain or accidents, a source of work stoppages and work accidents. The handling trucks offered by Manut-LM are an alternative to manual handling of loads: they allow the operator to move freely in a workshop, warehouse or outside. The load is grasped by the gripping tools with which all the trolleys in our range are equipped.

Discover the lifting trolleys of the Manut-LM range in order to lift the loads you need for your activity: panel stacker, trolley for bins, trolley for drums, trolleys for glazing …
All your handling problems can be found a solution, without installation of additional structure, with great flexibility.

Contact us to find out the most suitable handling solution for your activity and together create the gripping tool necessary for handling your loads.

GM Panel 120 Stacker

GM-Panneaux 120 – Panel Handling Stacker Trolley up to 120 kg The GM-Panneaux 120 range of panel handling trolleys is the ideal mobile solution for picking up, rotating, turning and tipping wood, plastic, metal…
  • Handling of panels by suction cups up to 120 kg
  • Mobile autonomous system on batteries with integrated motor
  • Pivoting, tilting, turning of porous and non-porous panels

GM Tray stacker

GM-Trays – Handling Stacker for Trays weighing 80 to 600 kg
The GM-Trays range of handling trolleys is an easy-to-use mobile solution that relieves the burden of lifting Trays in all environments (food processing, Click &
  • Handling of Trays up to 600 kg
  • Made-to-measure fork design for all Trays
  • Available in steel or stainless steel

GM Spool Lifter

GM-Spools – Handling Stacker for Spools weighing 80 to 600 kg
The GM-Spools handling stackers are designed to eliminate physical strain and to make the operators autonomous in Spool-lifting operations.
  • Lifting of Spools up to 600 kg
  • Interchangeable gripping tools in a matter of seconds to adapt to different formats
  • Easy lifting, tilting and turning of Spools

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