Drums and containers

Handling of Drums, Cans and Buckets

The lifting of barrels, cans or barrels and their handling are arduous operations. Whether upstream of the production chain or in distribution, handling these loads can be repetitive and dangerous for the health of operators. Stacking drums, palletizing cans to load trucks or logistics warehouses involve lifting heavy loads continuously and repetitively. The ergonomics of gestures and postures are hardly respected in these cases, especially when the operator wants to maintain a high pace.

Once filled, the cans, barrels and drums become heavy to the point of being direct sources of occupational diseases such as MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). It is becoming essential to equip operators with lifting solutions, both for safety and productivity issues: at the end of the day, operators assisted by a Cobotic machine (Collaborative Robot) keep a constant pace, unlike employees. having to lift several hundred kilos of loads per hour.

Finally, Manut-LM Lifting Tube Handling Solutions guarantee the safety of employees and companies, especially when the liquids contained in the loads are dangerous: chemicals, corrosives, acids, flammables, etc. Our products can be fitted with safety devices that prevent any releasing of loads or uncontrolled overturning.

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Handling of cans

Drums, unlike drums, are lifted by the handles using a suitable tool, designed and manufactured according to customer needs. The problems encountered when handling cans are therefore different for each type of can, in particular according to the use made of it: filling in the production line, emptying, handling / palletizing cans, etc.
Lifting cans can be dangerous when the substances contained are flammable, corrosive, etc. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the load will not be overturned or released by the operator. Manut-LM handling assistance solutions are designed specifically to meet each need: see our examples to find out what solutions are available to you!

Handling of drums

Kegs are containers that are constantly handled: beer kegs, for example, are reused to be refilled by breweries. In this context, the handling of beer barrels is a recurring problem because of the repetitive handling of loads of up to 50 kg.
Manut-LM designs and manufactures in France handling solutions for breweries and other trades involving the lifting of drums up to 300 kg! Discover some examples of Manut-LM achievements for your activity!

Tipping of drums or cans

The operation of tipping drums or turning over cans can prove to be complex when the contents have to be dumped at a height: the position adopted by the operator may prove to be non-ergonomic. These situations are often a source of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders).
In the case of dangerous liquids, the operation becomes all the more critical because the overturning can be a source of work accidents and prolonged work stoppages. Manut-LM adapts to your loads and your production processes to offer tailor-made Lifting Tube Handling Solutions.

Bucket handling

Paint production plant operators and their distributors can move up to several tonnes of paint buckets per day. The repetition added to the weight of the loads generates MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) which are the cause of work stoppages.
Manut-LM offers Lifting Tube Handling Solutions to increase operator productivity while eliminating the risk of MSDs. Discover our bucket handling solutions for your business!

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