Ergonomic Manual Bag Handling Solutions

Bag handling operations often involve significant physical effort. In case of prolonged repetitions, lifting bags can be the cause of musculoskeletal disorders and other occupational diseases. Manut-LM designs and manufactures manual handling assistance solutions to completely relieve operators, both in terms of weight and in terms of the gestures and postures to be adopted. These handling solutions are based on in-depth ergonomic studies of the various workstations in order to provide answers to the needs for manual lifting of loads.

Manut-LM is able to lift all types of bags: plastic bags, paper bags, burlap bags …
The H&S standards imposes a bag weight limited of 25 kg for all manual handling operations. However, Manut-LM lifting devices allow easy lifting of bags up to 50 kg.

In case of higher weight or atypical needs, do not hesitate to consult us!
Our teams design tailor-made answers to your handling problems!

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Manut-LM offers solutions for lifting bags

in all ergonomics and fluidity. The weight of the load is removed, allowing operators to avoid risks of MSDs while increasing their productivity.

Discover our bag lifting solutions in video!

Bag handling demonstrations

Discover our latest bag handling achievements in video!

Handling of paper bags

Paper bags are used to package many raw materials and can be found in all industries. Thanks to a widely proven suction cup system, Manut-LM eliminates the drudgery associated with handling bags of 25 kg and more. The suction cups for bags are rigid and fitted with a gasket allowing them to follow the roughness of the bag. A vacuum is therefore created by suction at the level of the load. The operator can then lift heavy bags without any effort!
Our bag handling solutions are now widespread in many sectors: Bags of Flour in Agribusiness, Bags of Cement in Construction, Bags of Colorants in Industry … Discover our solutions by viewing our video!

Lifting plastic bags

Plastic bags are used for packaging countless materials. They can be found in the chemicals, food and logistics markets as well.
The lifting of plastic bags is often restrictive because it contains heavy loads. The posture for grabbing and lifting is often hard on the back.

In order to eliminate MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) linked to prolonged and / or repetitive bag handling activity, Manut-LM offers Manual Handling Assistance Solutions.

With our lifting tube control handle, the weight of the load is removed while ensuring the operator maintains an ergonomic posture. Our vacuum manipulators can lift all types of plastic bags: Salt bags, Soil bags … Watch our video to discover some Manut-LM creations! Contact us to discuss your specific need.

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