Handling in the Industry sector

Manut-LM offers cobotic solutions (assistance to collaborative robots) allowing the lifting of sheet metal plates, coils, cardboard boxes, automotive parts, batteries, etc. These devices operate using a lifting tube suction system. Manut-LM’s tailor-made solutions adapt to your processes and the specificity of your loads. The installation of jib cranes or overhead cranes makes it possible to move all your loads up to 250 kg over a large area.

Manut-LM allows you to make complicated handling operations possible, increase productivity in your factories, eliminate the risks associated with manual handling and improve the well-being of operators.

Handling assistance solutions in Industry

Manut-LM designs tailor-made solutions handling aids to relieve weight heaviest loads while maximizing operator productivity.
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Handling of sheet metal: chain assembly

Manut-LM solutions make it possible to move and tilt sheet metal plates regardless of their size. The operator becomes autonomous when lifting large and heavy loads, while guaranteeing his safety, the ergonomics of the workstation and the elimination of arduousness. Whatever your activity: feeding a vertical or horizontal saw, stacking and unstacking of plates, Manut-LM lifting devices can increase productivity by avoiding any risk of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders).
Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your problem regarding the handling of sheet metal plates.

Handling of industrial loads: Chain assembly

Moving industrial loads is a heavy and dangerous operation that must be carried out by several people. Manut-LM designs tailor-made lifting solutions for lifting but also tipping these loads. Load handling is then carried out ergonomically eliminating the risk of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders).
Manut-LM solutions are made specifically for your loads and allow you to increase your pace while avoiding accidents that can result from daily handling of heavy objects. Here is an example of realization with this video.

Coil handling: Palletizing

Manut-LM solutions allow you to lift reels in complete safety to increase your productivity tenfold while reducing the human risks of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and improving working conditions. Our gripping tools are designed specifically to adapt to a large number of spool sizes allowing rapid and precise gripping, or by suction cup adapted to the circumference of the load.
Our lifting devices allow the handling of coils in a vertical or horizontal position. Consult our videos and ask our teams for any specific problem concerning you.

Cardboard handling: Palletization

The palletization or depalletization of cartons involves repetitive actions constituting an aggravating factor of MSD. Manut-LM solutions make it possible, thanks to a lifting system, to move one or more boxes at a time, effortlessly and ergonomically. Any industrial manual handling action is therefore optimized. In addition, by opting for an articulated offset arm, it becomes possible to stack your boxes in height.
With Manut-LM we can offer you a handling equipment solution whatever the shape, weight and volume of your box. These solutions make it possible to depalletize the loads at a high rate while eliminating the arduousness of the operation. Here is an example of handling boxes with this video.

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