Jib crane or Overhead crane

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Articulated arm Jib

A Satellite jib has a swivel that enables it to articulate its two arms. It is therefore possible for loads to be handled in confined or hard-to-reach areas by bypassing obstacles. This jib model, designed and manufactured in France by…
  • Low ceiling heights
  • Wide operating range
  • No suction tube

Triangle Jib crane

Manut-LM triangular jib cranes with a sliding rail are a simple and economical solution to secure all types of lifting equipment and to ease the manual handling of loads. Robust, with a capacity to handle very heavy loads, these jib…
  • Lightweight use
  • Operating range of up to 6 metres x 270°
  • Low cost

Husky Cranes Jib Crane

The Husky Cranes jib crane with an aluminum or steel rail is a solution composed of standard steel columns and with aluminum jibs with lengths of 3, 4, 5 and 6 Meters. With capacities of up to 1000 kg. and a swivel angle of 270 degrees, there are very few constraints to this type of installation. This solution is lighter, easier to use and faster that a steel jib.

  • Lowest cost
  • Lightweight and smooth handling
  • Usually no special foundation required

Low Ceilinr jib crane

The space-saving jib cranes are designed to maximize the height of the attachment for the handling tool. Unlike triangular jib cranes, they are at right angles, which reduces both the space required above and below the support…
  • Ideal for low ceiling heights
  • High pick up and drop level
  • Available in steel, galvanized or stainless steel

Bridge Crane

In large-scale storage areas or on production lines involving the handling of heavy loads at different workstations, overhead cranes are the most suitable supports. They make it possible to cover a large surface area with a maximum…
  • Covers a large work area
  • More flexible use of lifting devices
  • Possibility to install several manipulators on the same support

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