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Husky Handling Overhead cranes

In large-scale storage areas or on production lines involving the handling of heavy loads at different workstations, overhead cranes are the most suitable supports. They make it possible to cover a large surface area with a maximum capacity of movement.
  • Covers a large work area
  • More flexible use of lifting devices
  • Possibility to install several manipulators on the same support

Technical information

Husky Handling Overhead Traveling Cranes: Lifting Bridges for Material Handling Devices

Composed of load bearing tracks and a traveling bridge, this support is also available in monorail version. It requires hanging on the building roof joists or attachment to a steel structure mounted on the floor. the crane can be supplied in steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

Cranes are the ideal answer when load handling is done on a large work area. They allow the installation of several lifting devices and they can reach into the corners of the work area.

We offers different types of cranes according to your needs:

  • Traveling bridge on multiple C frame leg sets - the number and spacing to suit the work area. Minimum number of C frames and maximum spacing combined with a light weight traveling bridge creates an ideal solution for minimum operator effort, great accessability and ease of movement.
  • Travelling crane on fixed cantilever legs allowing a self-supporting structure with minimum leg obstructions allowing great accessibility to the work zone.
  • Suspended crane with hangers to remove any steel support structure. The coverage area can extend to the entire building surface limited only by the overhead suspension load bearing capability.

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