Jib Crane Kit

Jib crane or Overhead crane

The jib crane kit with an aluminium or steel rail is a solution composed of a standard column on which a rail in several parts is installed. There are very few constraints to this installation. This solution is lighter than the standard triangular jib crane, which can lift loads of up to 50 kg. It is the ideal solution for lifting light loads because the friction coefficient of the bearings is low, thus enabling smooth movement.
  • Low investment cost
  • Lightweight and smooth handling
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Technical information

A jib crane Kit with an aluminium or steel rail has many advantages.

It can be quickly installed in many environments thanks to its simple and functional design: a standard column and a rail.
In terms of weight, the rail offers a lightness that gives great ease of movement and quality ergonomics. On the other hand these jib crane models with a handling assistance solution by lifting tube can lift loads of up to 50 kg.
Manut-LM offers this type of jib crane in several materials to meet all requirements: steel, stainless steel or galvanized crane.
If you have light loads (up to 50 kg) to lift, consult us to discover all the possibilities that we can provide you with in order to best meet your needs.

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