Handling in the agri-food market

Manut-LM products can lift all types of food loads (containers, buckets, bags, cheeses, butter in bulk, meat, bottles, canned food, etc.) and their packaging, thanks to a lifting-tube suction system. Manut-LM made-to-measure solutions are adapted to the constraints of the food industry, particularly in terms of health and safety regulations regarding the materials used. Our products are made-to-measure to adapt to your specific processes, pace of work and loads.

Thus Manut-LM enables you to increase your productivity on a food production line, to eliminate the human and health risks associated with manual load handling, to secure your processes and improve the well-being of operators.

Handling of loads in the food industry

Thanks to Manut-LM, food industry operators can lift heavy loads without any effort! Bulk meat and butter and ham blocks… Manut-LM manufactures made-to-measure stainless steel solutions that meet the most stringent hygiene standards. Discover our solutions on video!

Handling of food loads: Cutting / packaging

Manut-LM designs solutions that enable the handling of many food loads: butter and meat in bulk, and cheeses.
These handling devices make it possible to transfer loads at high speed while eliminating the difficulty of the operation and guaranteeing the safety of your processes. Our lifting devices can be made of stainless steel, a naturally antibacterial material, which guarantees full compliance with hygiene standards. Watch our video and contact our teams to learn more about food handling.

Handling of containers: Palletizing

In the Agri-food industry, container-handling operations are frequent. These repetitive tasks can expose the operator to the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). With Manut-LM solutions you can lift containers safely and effortlessly, increasing your productivity tenfold and eliminating difficult working conditions on the workstation.
Our gripping tools are designed specifically for the type of containers you use and allow for fast and accurate palletizing or depalletizing. Feel free to contact us to discuss your issues.

Cardboard box handling: Palletizing

Palletizing or depalletizing boxes involves repetitive gestures that are an aggravating factor in MSDs. Manut-LM solutions enable, thanks to a lifting system, to move one or more boxes at a time, effortlessly and ergonomically to maximize operator productivity. The actions of palletizing or depalletizing boxes are improved. In addition, by opting for a remotely- mounted articulated arm, it becomes possible to stack your boxes high up.
With Manut-LM we can offer you an equipment handling solution whatever the shape, weight and volume of your cardboard box. These solutions make it possible to depalletize loads at high speed while eliminating the difficulty of the operation. Here is an example of how to handle cardboard boxes with this video.

Bag handling: Palletizing/Pouring

Bag handling is a repetitive action that can be a risk factor for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Manut-LM solutions eliminate MSD risks by lifting and moving bags ergonomically and effortlessly with the help of suitable suction cups. This lifting device allows lifting, tilting for pouring and rotating the bag without any effort. These handling solutions can be adapted to your environment, allowing them to be used even in the food industry. Check out our videos and ask our teams about any specific issues that may concern you.

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