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Handling in the Wine Sector

We are a French manufacturer, designs handling solutions specially for the wine & spirits market which allow different types of loads to be lifted: barrels, wooden crates, bottles, cartons, barrels, bags, etc. Our solutions allow these loads to be lifted using a lifting tube suction system. They meet the handling constraints of winegrowers and wine merchants. The installation of jib cranes or overhead cranes makes it possible to move all your loads up to 250 kg over a large area.
We thus allows you to eliminate the risks associated with manual load handling in the wine sector, increase your production, secure your processes to protect the integrity of your loads and improve the well-being of operators.
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Bottle handling: Deboxing / chain

Husky Handling designs solutions that allow you to safely lift several bottles at the same time to increase your productivity on your bottling lines. Our gripping tool has been designed specifically to allow you to unbox bottles by 10 and place them quickly and precisely on the production line. This lifting device facilitates filling, labeling, packaging and storage operations, increasing your productivity. Watch our video and contact our teams to find out more.

Handling of wooden crates / cartons: Palletization

With us solutions, once your bottles are packaged, you can move your cartons and / or your wooden crates effortlessly and in an ergonomic way, facilitating palletization and depalletization. By opting for an articulated offset arm, it becomes possible to stack your boxes and / or your wooden crates in height. With Manut-LM we can offer you a handling equipment solution whatever the shape, weight and volume of your box. In addition, these solutions make it possible to depalletize the loads at a high rate while eliminating the arduousness of the operation. Consult our videos and ask our teams for any specific problem concerning you!

Drum handling: Palletization

Handling drums, empty or full, is a tiring activity, a source of MSDs and other occupational diseases. Manut-LM designs solutions that allow you the ergonomic and effortless handling (lifting, turning) of your loads to reduce drudgery and maximize production. With Manut-LM solutions, a single person can load but also unload full drums from a pallet, whatever its size and shape. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your issue around the handling of drums.

Barrel handling: Bottling

The movement of barrels during bottling operations is a heavy and dangerous operation that must be carried out by several people. Manut-LM designs lifting solutions allowing you to lift but also tilt your barrels while being a single operator. Manut-LM solutions allow you to increase your pace while avoiding accidents that can result from daily handling of heavy objects. Here is an example of realization with this video.

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