Ergonomic solutions for handling beams

Manut-LM offers ergonomic handling solutions for lifting beams of all sizes.

Wooden, plastic or metal beams, Manut-LM adapts to your constraints to facilitate lifting while limiting the risks of MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) for the operator.

Assistance with beam handling

The handling of beams is often carried out using mechanical tools or hoists. However, these solutions are slow, not very ergonomic and lack flexibility.
Manut-LM designs and manufactures tailor-made handling assistance solutions using lifting tube technology. This vacuum lifting technique is faster, easier to handle and safer than other lifting methods.
Discover our specialized tools for lifting beams in a simple, fast and ergonomic way.

A tool that improves your performance

Manut-LM offers tailor-made solutions that adapt to your needs.
Our manipulators can be installed on an overhead crane to cover a large handling area, or on a jib crane for minimal bulk.
Our technicians remove the weight of the load, the risk of sick leave due to the risk of MSDs will therefore be reduced.

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