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Handling in the building and construction market

Manut-LM, a French manufacturer, designs handling solutions specifically for the building and construction market. They are used to lift loads encountered on construction sites such as: buckets, bags, panels, solar panels, concrete blocks, glass panels, sheet metal, etc. Manut-LM made-to-measure products work and adapt to the issues related to the building industry. Jib cranes fixed on mobile bases allow the lifting equipment to be moved as required.
Thus Manut-LM enables you to eliminate the human risks associated with manual handling of loads on work sites, to increase your productivity during repetitive operations, and improve the well-being of operators.

Handling assistance in the building and construction sector

Check out examples of Manut-LM projects designed to relieve operators’ handling operations in the construction sector. View our video!

Bag handling: Palletizing/discharging

Repetitive bag handling is a strenuous activity and a risk factor for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Manut-LM offers solutions that eliminate human risks by moving the bags ergonomically and effortlessly using appropriate suction cups.
This lifting device allows lifting, tilting for pouring and rotating the bag without any effort. These handling solutions are adapted to your environment and can be used in the building and civil engineering sector. Consult our videos and ask our teams about any specific issues that may concern you.

Handling of panels: Production line

On construction sites or in construction workshops, Manut-LM solutions enable panels of all types of materials, whatever their size, to be moved and tilted. The operator can lift large and heavy loads independently, while guaranteeing his safety, the ergonomics of the workstation and the elimination of difficult working conditions.
Whatever your activity: lifting panels for vertical or horizontal saw infeed, stacking and unstacking of panels, Manut-LM lifting equipment can increase productivity by avoiding all risks of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your issues relating to panel handling.

Block handling: Production / Logistics

Moving heavy building blocks (concrete, cement, etc.) is a difficult and dangerous operation, which must be carried out in some cases by several people.
Manual handling of heavy loads causes musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Manut-LM designs lifting solutions that enable blocks of any material to be lifted and moved ergonomically and safely with made-to-measure gripping tools. Watch our video and contact our teams to learn more about handling heavy blocks.

Bucket handling: Palletizing

Manut-LM solutions enable you to lift buckets effortlessly and increase your productivity tenfold by maintaining an ergonomic posture. Gripping tools are designed specifically to adapt to the size of the buckets and the handling operations specific to your production. Our manual handling assistance systems allow you to handle your loads repeatedly by protecting the operator from MSDs and risks associated with palletizing and depalletizing.
Here is an example of bucket handling on this video.

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