Ergonomic pallet handling solution

Pallets are heavy and complicated loads to handle (ground grip, high storage, etc.)
Manut-LM designs manipulators capable of lifting pallets and tilting them without risk for operators.

Pallet lifting by suction

Pallets are most of the time taken by forks in order to be handled.
Nevertheless, vacuum lifting offers great advantages in terms of speed, ergonomics and comfort.
This is why Manut-LM has developed a range of Suction Pallet Manipulators dedicated to gripping loads including voids (pallets, slats, etc.)

Pallet lifting by fork

The fork is the basic gripping tool for effortlessly picking up and lifting pallets.
With the MASTER Plus vacuum manipulator equipped with a fork, operators can handle pallets effortlessly.
The operator no longer feels the weight of the load and therefore no longer has any risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). The rates are therefore increased but not the efforts!

Pallet handling at heights

The Master Plus manipulator can be optionally equipped with an articulated arm which enables loads to be handled at height.
This option is particularly suitable for storing pallets stacked on top of each other to save space. The length of the articulated arm can be adapted according to your needs, Manut-LM specializes in the design of tailor-made handling assistance solutions.

Pallet handling and tipping

The Master Plus Manipulator can be fitted with the load tilting option which allows loads to be placed at 90 °.
The handling of pallets in large quantities will no longer involve any risk of MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders) and can be carried out by a single operator.
This option can also be used for handling tilted panels to be placed on a vertical panel saw.

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