Pneumatic manipulators

Pneumatic Ergonomic Manipulators are the prefect lifting and handling device for moving large, heavy, overhanging or off-center products in the factory.

Reliable, Field Proven and Rugged, FAMATEC Pneumatic Industrial Manipulators perfectly compliment ALL Manufacturing Production Operations. 

Get Lifting and handling Power with great Sensitivity and Fine Positional Dexterity.

Each FAMATEC machine has evolved as an extension of the human hand, ergonomic, intelligent, safe, enhancing its natural dexterity.


Manoeuvrability, precision, power, strength, ergonomic, safe handling of components and assemblies in the automotive sector.


Efficiency, safe gripping and speed in product movement are indispensable for an assisted handling of big panels, sheets, coatings, joinery, glass…


The food sector requires simple, clean and efficient air-compressed equipment. Materials and coatings, which can be made of stainless steel...


Product manufacturing requires precision in handling systems with great ergonomics. This ensure productivity.


It is essential when handling drums, that the process is safe and controlled. Sensitive, precise Manipulators are the answer.

Rolls and Spools

Manoeuvrable and precise loading and unloading, and rapid cycle times, performed by only one operator.

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