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Husky Handling is a supplier of high quality material handling solutions to Canadian Manufacturers

The Products we supply

All the products we sell, service and support are of the co-operative manipulator type designed to provide physical assistance to operators who are required to handle heavy loads. All products are designed to provide speed, dexterity, productivity and maximum safety to the operator. 

The products provide several benefits to our clients:

Productivity: Repetitive manual lifting of loads or heavy weights reduces operator productivity over the day. . Also, no effort is required with a Manut-LM manipulator.

Health: Removing the need for the operators to lift weights, thanks to these lifting device, has a direct impact on the health of employees. Handling of heavy and/or bulky loads can cause pain and excessive fatigue. When these handling operations become repetitive, they can also cause MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders), which in turn lead to sick leave.

Safety: Lifting of heavy loads can be a source of accidents if the load is accidentally released. This problem is even more present with large loads. All these devices are fitted with safety devices to protect operators against any untimely release. It is impossible to remove the loads without a deliberate action by the operator. These features help eliminate the notorious “accident at work” in positions at risk.

Autonomy: With the ability to lift up to 600 kg smoothly, ergonomically and without any effort, operators become autonomous when handling their loads. Handling processes which previously required up to six people are made very simple.

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