Gripping tools

Gripping Tools

Ergonomic suction cups are manual handling aids designed to grip heavy or bulky loads effortlessly. It becomes possible to lift all loads with a smooth coating thanks to an autonomous electric battery handling suction cup. Attached to a hoist, it is a gripping tool that provides autonomy in difficult workstations. They can be used without installation, without constraints because they operate on batteries and can therefore be transported from one site to another without difficulty. The battery-powered suction cups can lift up to 140 kg depending on the model and the type of handling. Whether it is for horizontal handling, vertical lifting or tilting panels, our suction cups can eliminate the drudgery, the risk of MSDs and improve productivity.

The handling suction cups offered by Manut-LM guarantee the safety of operators and the integrity of the loads thanks to an air vacuum maintained by an electric pump and audible and light alarms which indicate when the load is properly taken.

These suction cups can be installed under hoists or on stackers and industrial trolleys in order to combine solutions and offer ergonomics and additional versatility to these tools.


Autonomous Electric Handling Suction Cup The VM-70 handling suction cup allows the handling of non-porous loads (glazed panels, film, melamine, smooth plastic surfaces, metal, etc.). The air vacuum is created by an electric pump powered…
  • Up to 70 kg vertically and 140 kg horizontallyg
  • Autonomous battery operation
  • Ideal for glass, metal or plastic surfaces


Panel Handling Gripper The PM-120 mechanical gripper can pick up panels weighing up to 120 kg per slice. Ideal for handling wood, melamine, plastic or metal panels, it simply hangs on a hoist…
  • Handling of panels up to 120 kg
  • Fully autonomous mechanical operation
  • Simple hanging under hoist

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