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Electrically Operated Handling Suction Cup
The VM-70 handling suction cup enables the handling of non-porous loads (glazed panels, film-coated panels, melamine, smooth plastic surfaces, metal…). The air vacuum is created quite simply by an electric pump powered by a replaceable battery. It can hold loads of up to 140 kg horizontally and 70 kg vertically. Attached to a hoist or a stacker, it enables the operators to work on delicate handling operations independently.
  • Up to 70 kg vertically and 140 kg horizontally
  • Autonomous battery operation
  • Ideal for glass, metal or plastic surfaces
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Technical information

VM-70 is a completely autonomous battery-powered lifting suction cup. It simply hooks onto a hoist, forklift or stacker for immediate use. This suction cup is ideal for handling glass, metal, plastic and guarantees productivity and operator safety when lifting multiple loads.
Two eyelets provide a choice of vertical handling, horizontal handling or 90° panel tilting by gravitational force. Operating the VM-70 is very simple. Simply place the atonomous suction cup on the surface to be handled and press the ” Grip ” button which will trigger the vacuum pump. VM-70 will then pick up the load, all that remains to do is to move the battery-powered suction cup to carry out the handling operation.
The operators using the VM-70 suction cup can then work independently at their workstation.The safety of personnel is also guaranteed thanks to the audio and visual alarms that indicate whether the grip is secure. The battery of the VM-70 lifting suction cup has an operating time of one hour of continuous use. A mains charger and a spare battery are included with the handling suction cup to ensure continuous service at all times.
The VM-70 battery-operated suction cup is designed and manufactured in France.The materials used are of high quality and guarantee an excellent product lifespan. The storage box as well as the plastic casing reduces the risk of damage and facilitates transport.
MWA (kg) in vertical handling
70 kg
MWA (kg) in horizontal handling
140 kg
Dimensions (mm) - L x W x H
250 x 250 x 145
Device weight (kg)
6 kg
Diameter of the suction cup
250 mm
Number of batteries 1 battery (+1 replacement battery included)
1 battery (+1 replacement battery included)
Battery autonomy
Maximum 1 hour of continuous use
Maximum noise level
< 70 Db
EU safety standards
2006 / 42 / CE
1 year
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