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Panel Handling Gripper
The PM-120 mechanical gripper can pick up panels weighing up to 120 kg per slice. Ideal for handling wood, melamine, plastic or metal panels, it simply hangs on a hoist. Thanks to PM-120, operators are autonomous when it comes to handling panels, for gripping and placing them flat or horizontally.
  • Handling of panels up to 120 kg
  • Totally autonomous mechanical operation
  • Simple attachment under hoist
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Technical information

PM-120 is a panel handling gripper that makes operators completely autonomous on panel lifting operations up to 120 kg. In workshops, joineries or shops, this panel lifting gripper can be easily installed in any place thanks to a simple hook connection to any hoist.
Handling wooden panels, plastic sheets or sheet metal, PM-120 is a versatile and autonomous tool. The mechanical gripping system means that it can be used without a electrical power supply and limits maintenance as well as being suitable for outdoor use.
The operation is very simple: just present the PM-120 jaws facing the edge of a panel. When the lifting gripper is placed on the edge, the mechanical gripping system grips the panel. By pulling PM-120 by a hoist, the jaws grip the panel, ensuring loads of up to 120 kg can be lifted.
It is then possible to rotate the panel 360° and place it on its edge or flat by simply using gravity. Once the panel is in place, the absence of tension on the gripping mechanism will allow the PM-120 jaws to open.
120 kg
Gripping range
16-60 mm or 40-85 mm
Maximum recommended lifting height
180 cm
Dimensions (mm) - L x W x H
200 x 200 x 140
Weight of the device (kg)
4 kg
Type of gripper
1 year
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