Master Plus - Articulated Arm Option

Lifting-tube handling solutions

Lifting-tube manipulator for heavy loads up to 250 kg Designed specifically for lifting heavy and/or bulky loads to a height, the Master Plus control handle with articulated arm option ensures excellent ergonomics during handling operations.
The operator can enter and remove the loads at low or high levels without lifting the arms or forcing anything, while maintaining a high turnover rate.
  • Weight up to 250 kg
  • Lifting of loads from distance or at height
  • Ideal for bulky loads
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Available options for Master Plus - Articulated Arm Option …

Our products can be 100% made to measure.
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Technical information

MASTER Plus can be fitted with an articulated arm. This option can prove to be essential in many cases: Lifting heavy and bulky loads can force operators to work at high gripping heights, or even in handling operations with palletization up to 2, 20m high. The articulated arm allows heavy loads to be lifted by grabbing them on the ground without bending over, and depositing them at the required height (tailor-made arm length).
MASTER Plus with the articulated arm option responds perfectly to industrial handling problems by completely eliminating the arduousness of workstations resulting from non-ergonomic movements.
With this cobotic tool (collaborative robot), the operator becomes autonomous and can lift alone panels, bags or any other type of load up to 250 kg. Once the load has been grasped, thanks to the rotating handle of the MASTER range, the load can be stabilized at the desired height and move freely in complete safety. Many other options can be combined to further improve operator productivity and comfort, such as the easy-to-remove option.
Type of handle
Rotary control handle
Weight of control handle
9.5 kg
Weight felt
0.4 kg
Dimensions of control handle
300 x 150 x 100 mm
Compatible gripping tools
Suction cups, suction cup lifting beams, forks, hooks, clamps ...
Max deposit height
2400 mm
Type of engine
Turbine motor suction unit
Soundproof box option
Engine power
3 or 4 kW (depending on the load)
Power supply
230V Three-phase / 400V Three-phase
Max depression
- 600mbar
Change of handle colour possible
Available in stainless steel version
ATEX Zone 2.2 compatible
1 year
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Master Plus - Articulated Arm Option in action!

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Handling of wood panels at the end of the line
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Handling and transfer of containers in the food industry
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Cardboard handling – Load palletization
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Cardboard handling – Palletization
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Cheese handling
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Pallet handling (industry)
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Handling of beams outdoors – Manipulator on forklift
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Mattress handling
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Handling of concrete slabs

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