Lifting-tube handling solutions

Lifting Device for assistance with manual handling of loads up to 150 kg.
Thanks to its standard extended and articulated control handle, Easy Plus allows effortless handling of height of heavy loads on the ground and at a height, while maintaining a permanent ergonomic posture. The operators then become self-reliant when handling loads requiring several people, thus maximising the productivity and safety of workstations.
  • Lifting up to 150 kg
  • Ground and height handling
  • Optimized ergonomics
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Technical information

EASY Plus, the lifting-tube manipulator suitable for difficult loads on the ground or at a height, for optimal ergonomics.

EASY Plus can lift loads of up to 150 kg: raising of bags, boxes, panels etc.
Equipped with an extended and articulated arm, this lifting-tube manipulator allows operators independence when lifting heavy loads, while ensuring safety, ergonomics and ease of use. In addition, palleting and de-palleting at a height becomes a simple and quick operation.
The lifting tube takes the weight for the operator, allowing him to lift and move the load without effort and with a minimum of movement. No more need to bend the back or stretch the arms during handling, thus providing long-term protection against any risk of MSD (musculoskeletal disorder), and avoiding professional sickness judgements.
Just like Easy Fast, Easy Plus is the ideal solution for handling of bags, thanks to its suction-cup lifting system. The bags can be gripped on the ground without difficulty for the operator and palleted at a height.
Type of handle
Control handle with trigger
Weight of control handle
8.6 kg
Weight felt
0.4 kg
Dimensions of control handle
300 x 150 x 100 mm
Compatible gripping tools
Suckers, vacuum devices, forks, hooks, pincers etc
Maximum removal height
2100 mm
Type of motor
Turbine motor suction unit
Soundproof casing option
Motor power
3 or 4 kW (depending on load)
Electricity supply
230V tri-phase / 400V tri-phase
Max pressure drop
- 600mbar
Change of handle colour possible
Available in stainless steel version
Compatible with ATEX 2.2 zones
1 year
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EASY Plus in use!

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