Lifting tube manipulators

Solution for the Manual Handling of Loads by Lifting Tube. Thanks to an extended articulated arm as standard, ERGO Plus relieves operators of the risk of MSDs by making it possible to grab loads on the ground and deposit them at a height of up to 1.80 m without using the back. Ideal for handling loads of less than 30 kg and depalletizing boxes, cans, etc.
  • Loads less than 30 kg
  • Remote load handling
  • Maximum ergonomics
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The possible options for your ERGO Plus…

Our products are entirely made-to-measure.
Our options and a study of your workspace allow you to create the product you need.

Technical information

ERGO Plus makes it possible to remotely lift loads of up to 30 kg .

Lifting tube manipulator control handle which has been designed with an elongated, articulated arm that facilitates the handling of loads to operators who are now able to grip them from a distance, either from the ground or from above. A lifting tube is used to manage the lifting height and the gripping tool grips the load. This ergonomic control is made using a trigger and a stabilization bar which allows maximum precision.
ERGO Plus therefore offers many advantages:
  • Possibility of handling loads up to 30 kg in height or on the ground
  • High speeds thanks to an extended arm to avoid displacement
  • Total ergonomics for the operator who no longer has to bend or force to pick up the loads
This manipulator completely eliminates the risk of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) for operators who repeatedly handle loads at unnatural heights.
It is the ideal tool for maximizing the productivity of companies that have to handle daily many parcels, boxes, bins, drums and other loads that can cause strain on workstations.
Type of handle
Trigger control handle
Control handle weight
4.9 kg
Weight felt
0.4 kg
Dimensions of control handle
300 x 150 x 100 mm
Compatible gripping tools
Suction cups, Forks, Hooks, Pliers ...
Max deposit height
2100 mm
Type of engine
vane pump
Soundproof box option
Engine power
Power supply
230V Three-phase / 400V Three-phase
Max depression
- 800mbar
Handle color change possible
Available in stainless steel version
ATEX Zone 2.2 compatible
1 year
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ERGO Plus in action!

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ERGO PLUS – Handling of drums
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ERGO PLUS – Box handling
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ERGO PLUS – Handling of cans by hook
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ERGO PLUS – Container handling
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Handling of wine crates
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Handling of several boxes in the food industry
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Handling of ham bars
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Cardboard handling in logistics platform

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