Handling in the Timber Market

Husky Handling lifting tube suction systems can meet the handling problems of the wood sector and lift multiple loads: panels, beams, doors, finished products, furniture, etc. Our tailor-made solutions adapt to your environment and to the constraints of joineries and production workshops. The installation of jib cranes or overhead cranes allows you to move all your loads up to 250 kg over a large area. Manut-LM thus allows you to eliminate the risks associated with manual load handling, increase your production in sawmills and joinery, secure your processes and improve the well-being of operators.

Panel handling: chain assembly

Husky Handling solutions make it possible to move and tilt panels of all types of materials, whatever their size. The operator becomes autonomous when lifting large and heavy loads, while guaranteeing his safety, the ergonomics of the workstation and the elimination of arduousness.
Whatever your activity: feeding a vertical or horizontal panel saw, stacking and unstacking of trays, Manut-LM lifting devices increase productivity by avoiding any risk of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders). Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your problem regarding the handling of panels.

Beam handling: Palletizing / cutting

Moving beams is a heavy and dangerous operation that must be carried out by several people. Manut-LM designs tailor-made lifting solutions that allow beams to be lifted and moved safely and quickly, adapting to the weight and dimensions as well as to the specifics of your activity.
This handling device makes it possible to move a heavy load while avoiding the painfulness of this action and protecting the load and the operator. Consult our videos and ask our teams for any specific problem concerning you.

Pallet handling: Palletizing

Wooden pallets are a frequently used support for transport and storage, they are heavy loads to handle. Manut-LM solutions make it possible to lift pallets in complete safety to increase your productivity tenfold while reducing the arduousness and human risks of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). Our gripping tools are designed specifically for quick and precise gripping by fork or suction cup according to your needs. Watch our video and contact our teams to learn more about pallet handling.

Door handling (filmed): Production / logistics

Husky Handling solutions make it possible to lift doors and all other finished products effortlessly, ergonomically while respecting the integrity of the load. The gripping tools are tailor-made to lift fragile loads at the end of the line while increasing the rate and eliminating the risks associated with manual handling of doors.
Husky Handling designs lifting devices adapted to your specificities, so they also allow you to lift filmed loads. Here is an example of door manipulation with this video.

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