Handling trays

Handling of Trays

Many companies store documents, parts or agri-food substances in bins to optimize the space used and facilitate transport and handling. Manut-LM designs and manufactures, in France, solutions to help with manual handling of loads and thus reduce the weight of trays for operators.
Thanks to the gripping tools specifically adapted to the form, the handle and the weight of the trays, Manut-LM helps facilitate the work of operators while eliminating the risk of MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders) and improving their productivity. Discover our handling assistance solutions for lifting of trays!

Handling of trays by lifting tube

Mail sorting centres are a concrete example of storage in the trays. Trays are handled daily and the process can be complicated for several reasons: weight of trays, heights of lifting and the need to store the trays in racks.
On industrial production sites, small spare parts are also stored in bins in order to simplify storage. Nevertheless, handling of heavy trays poses problems of risk of injury or accidents.
The agri-food industry is also affected by these forms of storage, with regard to substances entering the production process. Manut-LM takes into account all the specificities of clients in order to respond to the problem of weight, congestion and environment. Consult us to find out more about our tray-handling solutions!

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