Aero Timber

Vacuum Lifters

Lifting of beams up to 500 kg
Suction-cup yoke for lifting beams without effort. Suction cups prevent damage to the load while guaranteeing unrivalled comfort of use.
The Aero Timber handling assistance solution allows operators to lift the beams on their own! Ideal for joinery !
  • Lifts beams up to 500 kg
  • Beams up to 8 metres in length
  • Stability and Safety

Technical information

Aero Timber - Handling of wooden beams up to 500 kg

Lifting very long and heavy wooden beams is one of the most difficult problems in the field of woodwork: cutting, treatment and painting. These handling processes can be both dangerous and time-consuming, and can cause MSD (musculoskeletal disorders). Manut-LM helps solve these problems by offering a robust, reliable and ergonomic product. The low gripping surface of the beams is offset by the quality of the suction unit used in Aero Timber. The advantages are many:
  • Speed and simplicity of use,
  • Protection of load, absence of traces in contrast to mechanical lifting tools
  • Autonomy of operators during handling
  • Possibility or lifting different sizes of beams thanks to distribution of modular suction cups
  • Electronic management of the vacuum in the suction unit allows the operator to alerted in case of leakage of air and danger of falling.
Aero Timber allows the operator a continuous view of the load and continuous work in an ergonomic posture.
500 kg as standard
Load Format
Beams up to 8000 mm
Adjustment of suction cups
Main beam
Up to 4000 mm standard
Transverse beam
Height of device
930 mm max
Type of supply
230V / 400V / 24V (with batteries)
Type of control
Sliding valve, push-button or radio control
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