Aero Clad Tec

Vacuum Lifters

An outside lifting solution for glazing
Clad Tec is a suction-cup yoke that can lift glazing weighing up to 1000 kg outside thanks to integrated batteries which provide long-term autonomy. Operators can therefore now manage the handling of heavy glazing in complete independence.
  • Raises windows weighing up to 1 tonne
  • Compatible with all lifting gear on site
  • Robustness and reliability

Technical information

Clad Tec - an outside suction-cup yoke for glazing

The outside installation of glazing on sites always runs up against the problem of finding a suitable handling solution.
In order to meet this need best, Clad Tec has the following characteristics:
  • Autonomy of solution thanks to integrated batteries
  • Adaptability to all types of hoists or lifting gear on site
  • Suction cups specific to handling glazing, guaranteeing a grip and removal that will not damage the glass.
  • Guarantee of security thanks to a high suction power and audible alarms to prevent leakage at the suction-cup level.
Clad TEC is therefore ideal for handling glazing outside on sites. It removes the risks related to the manual handling of loads. Handling of heavy of bulky panels like glazing can also cause numerous accidents and/or MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders). Clad TEC also keeps the glazing whole throughout the load-handling operation. Read the information on Clad TEC, and contact us for more information. Our team is at your disposal!
Up to 500 kg
Load Format
Glass panels
Diameter of suction cups
250-385 mm
Adjustment of suckers
Dimensions 300-kg model
600 x 600 x446
Dimensions 500-kg model
785 x 785 x 465
Type of supply
230V / 400V / 24V (with batteries)
Type of control
Sliding valve, push-button or radio control
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