Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum lifters

Husky Handling offers exclusively on the French market a range of high quality vacuum lifters. These vacuum lifting devices can be ordered as standard or made to measure according to your needs. These lifting devices can lift all types of materials up to 50 tonnes! Their lifting capacity is greater than lifting tube manipulators, but they are slower and less responsive. Whether it is wood (beams or panels), glass or sheet metal, suction lifters adapt perfectly to the lifting device needs of all sectors. The role of the lifter is to stabilize the load while a vacuum is created thanks to the suction cups, all lifted by a hoist.

The variety of the range offered by Manut-LM makes it possible to adapt at the same time the dimension of the lifting beam, the maximum lifting weight but also to choose the type of feed according to the environment of use.
Manut-LM offers the rental of vacuum lifters for your one-off sites in order to best adapt to your constraints!
Discover our ranges of solutions to help manual handling of loads.

Aero Flat to Flat

The handling of metal plates or non-porous materials (plastic, melamine, etc.) in production processes may require several people to lift and move quickly…
  • Panels up to 2 tonnes
  • Up to 3 meters wide
  • Simple hoist lifting

Aero Tilt 90 °

Handling of Panels with gripping or depositing at 90 ° In the context of production sites for metal, plastic or non-porous panels in general, storage problems can lead to picking up and depositing the panels…
  • 90 ° panel tipper
  • Lifting up to 1 ton
  • For Non-Porous Materials

Aero Revers 180 °

Reverser – Turns Metal, Plastic and Glass Panels up to 250kg 180 ° Panels sometimes need to be turned 180 ° for surface treatment, painting, or cutting…
  • Panels up to 250 kg
  • Width up to 3 meters
  • Full tilt 180 °

Aero Poro

Handling of Porous Panels up to 900 kg Vacuum handling of wood is a solution allowing a significant gain in productivity and ergonomics! However, this raw material is porous, which…
  • Ideal porous loads
  • Lifting up to 900 kg
  • Panels up to 5 meters wide

Aero Timber

Lifting Beams up to 500 kg Suction Cup Spreader to lift beams effortlessly. The suction cups prevent damage to the load while ensuring incomparable user comfort…
  • Lift beams up to 500 kg
  • Length of beams up to 8 meters
  • Stability and Security

Aero Clad Tec

Clad Tec – an outside lifting solution for glazing

Clad Tec is a suction-cup yoke that can lift glazing weighing up to 1000 kg…

  • Raises windows weighing up to 1 tonne
  • Compatible with all lifting gear on site
  • Robustness and reliability

Aero Clad Boy

Clad Boy – autonomous suction-cup yoke up to 800 kg
A solution that helps the handling to lift the panels heavy and bulky outdoors…
  • Outside handling
  • Autonomy thanks to batteries
  • Lifting of panels weighing up to 800 kg

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