Aero Clad Boy

Vacuum Lifters

Autonomous suction-cup yoke up to 800 kg
A solution that helps the handling to lift the panels heavy and bulky outdoors in total autonomy thanks to batteries high performance. Easy to transport with its compact architecture and easily storable casing. Installing sidings or roofs is now simple thanks to Clad Boy !
  • Outside handling
  • Autonomy thanks to batteries
  • Lifting of panels weighing up to 800 kg

Technical information

Clad Boy

Autonomous Battery-Operated Lifting Device for panels up to 800 kg Having problems handling panels outside? Building construction sites are regularly the place for operations that require substantial lifting capacity combined with cautious handling of load.
Clad Boy helps grip the panels without marking them, and can be lifted by any lifting device available on a construction site. The operators need only place the plates in order to position them without forcing, in complete safety.
Clad Boy Meets the most demanding standards for suction-cup manipulators on construction sites. It guarantees safety in any test, thanks in particular to:
  • A vacuum sensor system for detecting possible leaks in the suction cups (sound alarm)
  • Batteries that can provide up to 100 cycles
  • Some of the strongest materials and components on the market
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures without risk of release
Read the information on Clad Boy and discover the outside handling solutions proposed by Manut-LM. Our team is at your disposal to find a solution to your problem.
800 kg max as standard
Load Format
Gripping of panels in vertical, horizontal or diagonal plain
Dimensions of panels
250-385 mm
Adjustment of suckers
Type of supply
24V with batteries
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